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Woodworking is a great skill for anyone to master. Even if you are a beginner, there are several woodworking projects out there that you can take on and easily accomplish. All you’ll need are a few simple tools; some paint if you plan on bringing out your inner artist, and your imagination. Following are some woodworking projects for beginners to help you get started.

Measuring Wood

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Window Boxes

Building a window box is one of the more basic but worthy projects as once completed they add a very appealing touch to your home that no other thing can fill. You create a basic window box leaving it the natural wood color or add your own flair with weather resistant paint.


A birdhouse is a classic choice for any novice or experienced woodworker. Even young children with an interest in woodworking can put together a birdhouse, and they are always a charming addition adorning a patio area or hanging in the garden. Building a birdhouse is quick, simple and inexpensive as well, at least for a simple one. As your skills improve you can move on to more elaborate birdhouses to challenge yourself, adding all kinds of fun bells and whistles for tiny fences to chimneys and more.

A Standard Table

Tables, while appearing easy to build are more challenging because you need to consider the additional support they require, and the proper materials to use that can stand to the weight, and precise measurement to guarantee stability. You’ll also, has with most woodworking projects, need to consider finishes, and when it comes to tables you’ll need a finish that can protect it from watermarks, etc.

A Box or a Crate

Most of us can also use additional storage space which is why building a box or crate as a beginner woodwork project is a great idea. The project could be as simple as crates you can use to store supplies in the garage, or building boxes that can be attractively stacked in an entertainment room, perfect for holding board games, extra throw blankets, toys and more. Add an accent color to play off the room and you’ll have an extra shot of color that adds a touch of flair you can be proud of.

Recreate Something

Everything from shipping pallets to old used crates can be recreated, and will save you money as you try your hand at woodworking. There are plenty of basic projects out there and items that can be recycled to build a few of your first projects and even advanced workworkers enjoy using old wood to create their works of art.

In order to stay clear of frustration, start small and work your way up and invest or borrow some tools that will make your first woodworking projects easier. You can start with the basics like a hammer, hand saw, screwdriver, drill (electric versions will make your life easier) and work your way up to more expensive woodworking tools.

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